Advanced One Week tour

Thursday September 22nd to Thursday 29th September 2016

The Advanced Cathar Tour includes Albi and Cordes-sur-Ciel, Mazamet, Hautepoul and Bram, Lastours and Minerve, Avignonet-Lauragais, Lavaur and Les Casses Foix and Montaillou.
Cathar tour in the Languedoc  

The Advanced one week tour includes all accommodation, transport, entries and most meals. It includes a dinner at Chateau St Ferriol and two restaurant gourmet dinners.

You will be accompanied by James McDonald visiting castles, fortified towns and other historic sites in the French Languedoc Roussillon. This tour was created on the suggestion of original tour clients. Although it examines particularly the Cathar dimension of the Albigensian crusade the content is accessible and extensive prior knowledge of the Cathars is not required.a

Our groups are a maximum of 7 participants except for larger groups by special arrangement.

The cost for the Advanced Cathar Country experience is 3000 Euros.

The Advanced Cathar Country Tour covers different sites and topics from the Original Cathar Country Tour including the likely origins of Catharism, primary sources and various academic theories and esoteric traditions about the Cathars.
The provisional itinerary includes the following sites.

Albi - picturesque town which gave its name to the Albigensian Crusade. Spectacular Cathedral.

Mazamet - Museum of Catharism with an interesting recreation of Cathar ceremonies.
Lastours (Cabaret) - medieval village + 3 Cathar Châteaux which withstood repeated sieges by the Crusaders.

Minerve - Cathar Château and castrum where between 140 and 180 Cathars were burned alive in 1211.

Fanjeaux - Headquarters of Saint Dominic

Bezièrs - Site of a massacre of the whole population of the town by Crusaders.

Avignonet - Site of a Château belonging to the Count of Toulouse where a team of inquisitors were murdered in 1242

Lavaur - Cathedral, site of atrocity during the Cathar Wars (over 400 were burned here)

Les Casses - Site of a mass burning of Cathars. (60 Cathars were burned here)

Foix - Cathar Château, Capital of the medieval counts of Foix

Montaillou - the famous Cathar village where everyone was arrested and interrogated by Jacques Fournier, the Bishop of Pamiers

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