What to bring and what to Expect

Cathar Country tours run all  year round,

The weather is very rarely unpleasant although can be windy.  There is always the possibility of going to snowy areas in the winter months but most of the destinations have little snow in winter, in the winter never dark before 6pm and is typically bright and sunny in December, January and February.  July and august is for sun lovers.  Not the rain model like me but some people love it including, fortunately, James.

Winter can be very bright and Suncglasses are recommended all year around.

Here is a link to a weather guide for more technical descriptions of the seasons.

Walking levels
Many people manage the tours without a stick but a stick is always pleasant and safer when climbing. Anybody who normally has difficulty walking should definitely bring a stick.

For the relative difficulty of various sites, see http://www.catharcountry.info/location.htm#places

Bring a sun hat.

Bring a water gourd.  We provide water but it is useful to have your own container to avoid having water in plastic containers in the heat.

Posting letters
Some tours will have stamp stops available but we will have stamps available on the tour in case stopping is difficult

Comfortable shoes are fine for most of the hikes..

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