One Day Tour - Lastours Castles and Minerve

One day tour with James mcDonald to the five chateaus scattered across a glorious hillside of Lastours and the fascinating and stunning historic village of Minerve.

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Meeting point: Outside the Museum which is the entry point for the Chateau.  This is next to the river ravine.  A useful landmark is the very high rather beautiful redbrick chimney stack which is nearby.  The GPS is: Entrance: 43.334482, 2.378557.

We can organise a collection from your accommodation or meet you on site when you wish to provide your own transport.

Lastours and Minerve

Lastours: This unusual arrangement of three castle towers belonged to the Lords of Cabaret, who held it in fief from the Trencavels. The three towers, built on the same rocky outcrop (Cabaret, Quertinheux and Surdespine) are among the few original Cathar castles left. The Seigneurs of Cabaret received troubadours here, including Raymond de Miraval and Peire Vidal, who dedicated verses to the Cathar Ladies of the place. During the Cathar Crusade this was one of the most ardent centres of resistance to the French Crusaders.

Minerve: The site of a ten week siege by Simon de Montfort during the Cathar Crusades, Minerve’s double curtain wall and strong defensive position proved insufficient to protect this ancient village. Four catapults, including an exceptionally large example called Malevoisine ("Bad Neighbour"), were used to cut off access to the only available water supply. Some 180 Cathars were then burned to death at the insistence of Catholic Church leaders. The village's antiquity is evident from its name, for a temple to the goddess Minerva once occupied the site.

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