One Day Tour - Castle of Foix and Montaillou

Montaillou and the Chateau of Foix - Full Day Tour

The village of Montaillou was made famous by Montaillou: Village Occitan, 1294-1324, a book that uses inquisitorial records to detail daily life in an early fourteenth century Languedoc village. Because of this classic micro-history by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie we know more about daily life in Montaillou than anywhere else in medieval Europe.
Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie

To add a deeper perspective on the incredible events that will be detailed during this and other Cathar Country Tours we recommend a unique historical book that offers a first-hand account of the Inquisition's work in a small mountain village called Montaillou, which we will visit as part of our August 2015 and September 2016 tours. Indeed, it is such an enjoyable and informative read that we can safely recommend it to anybody who has an interest in European Medieval History. Enjoy.


Foix: Dominated by its well-preserved castle, Foix highlights key military and political developments before and during the Cathar Crusade. Built on an earlier 7th Century fortification, the castle became the home of the Counts of Foix, a series of exceptional personalities, including two who became important leaders of the Cathar cause during the crusade.

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