One Day Tour - Fronfroide Abbey and Villerouge

One Day tours are always in small groups unless by special arrangement.

You will be collected and returned to your hotel and  James joins the group for for lunch. 
Transport, entries and lunch are included.

We will meet you at the site.  Lunch optional.

For more useful overview information about the one day tours visit the One Day Cathar Country Tours general information page.

Fontfroide Abbey and the Castle of Villerouge

The morning involves a visit to the beautiful Abbaye de Fontfroide.

A Cistercian abbey, the exquisite cloister, chapter house, church and gardens will not disappoint. The wonderful stone vaulted ceilings which we enjoy were actually concealed as unsightly by the builders - tastes change with the passage of time! 

Active in the Crusade against Catharism, the Abbaye graveyard has now found a measure of peace with its conversion to a flower garden.

You will have a fine lunch with quality local produce in the Abbey's grounds surrounded by the warm, wooded hills.  

In the afternoon a short trip to Villerouge where the last Cathar parfait - Guilhem Belibaste - was burnt at the stake in 1323. The castle has many complete sections with interactive audio-video that draw you into the final days of Cathar Languedoc. The castle is intimately surrounded by the village - the past, with all its beauty and barbarity, is almost tangible.

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