Saturday 9 August 2014

new review

First, thank you for such a wonderful tour. We enjoyed it immensely and learnt so much about the Cathars and the Languedoc which was a real highlight. 

Third, Katrina and I would like to do another trip next year if we can arrange it. We noted from your website that James does private tours - how many people do you require for a private tour? We have some ideas about other places of interest we would like to see.

Anyway, thanks again for your wonderful cooking and hospitality and to James for giving us such an interesting and at times, riveting introduction to the Cathars. Katrina and I are hooked on them and Languedoc especially, the beautiful scenery, the good food and wine.
All the best and keep in touch as we are interested in all things Cathar.

Elayne Goldstein, 2014, Australia

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